.50 cal MG, ATGM, M72 rockets


WASHINGTON — The vehicle selected by the US Special Operations Command [USSOCOM] as the vehicle of choice for their Land Mobility Program 1.1 [GMV 1.1] is the F72-HD where the abbreviation “HD” stands for Heavy Duty.

Photo: General Dynamics

The F72-HD has been officially unveiled by Flyer Defense [manufacturer] as a next-generation mobile, highly efficient and agile 4×4 special forces vehicle.

The F72-HD can be transported anywhere in the world in the domestic cargo sector of a CH47 helicopter or a C-130 transport aircraft. The vehicle can carry 2,500 kg of payload and easily adapt to difficult, rugged and constraining terrain in all weather conditions.

Engine and power

The F72-HD is powered by a 2.0L GM JP8/F24 twin-turbocharged DOHC engine/diesel direct injection common rail fuel system. The engine delivers 220 horsepower [164KW] and 332 ft-lbs of torque [450 Nm]. The transmission is a six-speed Tiptronic automatic, split 2-speed, high 4×2, or permanent low 4×4.

US Special Forces Vehicle F72-HD: .50 cal MG, ATGM, 4 M72 rockets
Photo: Flayer Tusk

Depending on requirements, the vehicle can be fitted with a 12V alternator [140 amp] or a 12 V / 28 V alternator [50/210 amp]. The suspension is an independent adjustable 4 coilover shock absorber with 4 variable air spring rides. The brakes are power assisted 4-wheel discs with ABS, and the wheel and tire size is 37 x 13.5 R17, load range E with bead lock and run-flat PFD.

Top speed according to the manufacturer of the F72-HD is 95 mph [153 kph]while the operating range is 300 miles [483km] at Mission Profile or 500 miles on flat ground at 40 mph [1,046 km].


The armament of the F72-HD is a choice that makes it highly adaptable to mission or base functionality. The Kongsberg Joint Remote Weapon Station [CROWS II] can be integrated as required, meaning the vehicle will be fitted with a 50 caliber light machine gun.

US Special Forces Vehicle F72-HD: .50 cal MG, ATGM, 4 M72 rockets
Photo: Top War

The station itself is quite rich in choice, as it allows the integration of Mk 19, a 12.7 mm M2 .50 caliber machine gun, a 7.62 mm M240B machine gun and a weapon 5.56mm automatic M249 Squad.

However, light weapons can be chosen, such as the integration of a separate 12.7 mm machine gun or a 30 mm cannon. However, the F72-HD is designed to launch Javelin anti-tank guided missiles, as well as four M72 LAWs anti-tank missiles.


The F72-HD is designed to carry a maximum of seven people, including the person in charge of the weapons system.

The wheelbase is 126”[320 cm]. The F72-HD is 182″[462 cm] long, 79.25″ [201 cm] wide chassis, and 72”[183 cm] high, but adjustable. Gross vehicle weight is 13,000 lbs. [5897 kg]. Approach angle is 73.4º / 55.5º with push bar and winch, departure angle is 53.1º, ramp angle is 146.7º and vertical pitch is 18 ”[45.7 cm]; 24”[61 cm] diagonal. The fuel tank is 23 gallons. [87.5 L].

US Special Forces Vehicle F72-HD: .50 cal MG, ATGM, 4 M72 rockets
Photo: General Dynamics


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