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Calcutta: Residential complexes and high-rise buildings across the city quickly sent out new notices, banning the bursting of firecrackers on the premises, in accordance with the Calcutta High Court order that banned the sale , the purchase and use of all fireworks until the end of the year.
Most of the city’s residential complexes had previously posted a notice, designating places on campuses for people to congregate and light firecrackers allowed. Revoking that advisory, new advisories were issued saying that no one should set off firecrackers on the premises. The notices also sternly stated that if a resident was found breaking the order and arrested, the committees would not be responsible. In many housing complexes, cases of Covid have started to emerge and therefore stricter restrictions are being imposed for Kali Puja and Diwali, keeping the health risks in mind.
Depending on the complex, security guards will be assigned to monitor the greens and other open spaces. They will also keep an eye out for balconies where children often light fireworks. The notices clearly stated that the ban covered all kinds of fireworks and that there was nothing in the ‘allowed’ category this time around, and therefore, family members themselves would have to follow the rule and advise children on this. All terraces will be locked to prevent any resident from climbing to pop crackers.
However, as the children might be disappointed, the committees organize physical and virtual events to cheer them up.
At South City Residency, the committee had selected a space for popping crackers, but the new notice said no one should be seen popping a single cracker anywhere inside the compound as police would be on tour.
“However, we have put on karaoke music in the greens where the kids can perform and there will be food stalls. But we will closely monitor distancing, the use of masks and disinfection standards, ”said Manoj Gupta, secretary of the complex. Three cases of Covid have been reported to South City Residency and people are tense.
Asim Dutta, secretary of the Lakeview Housing Complex, said: “We promptly sent out a new notice, revoking the previous order. We are now going to depend on the festival committee to come up with something to entertain the kids, ”Dutta said.
The Siddha Pines Facebook page will go live on Diwali, where children will show off their talent. “The terraces will be locked so that no one can climb up there with firecrackers,” said Manav Mehra, president.
In most complexes, Kali Puja will be a much smaller affair this time around and the pandals will be open on three sides.
“We will allow a very small number of people inside the pandal for pushpanjali, and that too, only after thermal control and disinfection. Monitoring will be carried out on the number of people in and around the pandal throughout the day and night, ”Mehra said. Siddha Pines has already had a case of Covid and is on alert.
If the number of Covid cases increases, a new ban on food deliverers from going up to apartments will be introduced, many committees have decided.

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