An award-winning Levantine pyrotechnic will light up the night with fireworks


Valencia will be stamped during the premiere of the fireworks of San Mateo in Montserao. The Celebrations Department has engaged award-winning Levantine company Ricardo Caballer, SA, to stage a classic fireworks display on St. Matthew’s Eve, whose rockets will be launched in Turo Betrand Park Square for the first time in four decades. With Winter Park as a platform.

The most important prize in pyrotechnics in the world, the pyrotechnic company which won prizes such as the “Golden Jupiter” prize at the 32nd edition of the prestigious Montreal Festival (Canada), offers a show called “Loose Leader” in Oviedo Will do With which they promise to light up the skies of the Asturian capital through a series of fast releases and a set of captivating sounds.

The commitment to light and color will include a municipal investment of 58,685 euros and a return to the Carbayone sector of a reputable company that has performed in several versions of fireworks with great success at the beginning of the last decade . All this to recover a pyrotechnic show that has not taken place since 2019 due to the sanitary restrictions which have prevented mass acts for the past two years.

In addition to the scene, a great novelty in the night of the fireworks will be on the program. For the first time, the fireworks will not be launched at midnight, but will be postponed to ten o’clock in the evening with the aim of reducing inconvenience and respecting the rest of the inhabitants of Montessero. To liven up the pyrotechnic show, the Service des Fêtes organized a celebration by the “Tekila” group, which will ensure the first and second passages before the launch of the fireworks.


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