As Diwali approaches, Delhi police launch crackdown on illegal sale of firecrackers


Delhi Police have started cracking down on the sale and distribution of illegal firecrackers this festival season despite the fact that a comprehensive ban has been announced in which the sale and popping of all forms of firecrackers will be banned in the city until January 1, 2022. .

For starters, more than 470kg of illegal firecrackers were recovered by police during a raid on the Sadar Bazar area in north Delhi ahead of Diwali. The owner of the godown has been arrested.

Police said the arrested accused, identified as Mohammad Rihan (21), from Uttar Pradesh, used to sell seasonal items during the festival season. A total of 472.4 kg of illegal firecrackers were found in the godown which was rented by the accused for Rs 12,000.

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The development comes as the nation’s capital’s air quality begins to deteriorate, with the Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) announcing a “comprehensive ban” on September 28 on the sale and bursting of all forms of firecrackers in the city until January 1. 2022.

The accused had sourced the illegal firecrackers from Meerut and planned to sell them at exorbitant prices during Diwali, police said. A case was registered as a result of which the owner of the godown was arrested.

Deputy Police Commissioner (North) Sagar Singh Kalsi said he received reports of illegal firecrackers being stored and sold at a godown on Qutub Road in Sadar Bazar.

“When our police team raided the suspected area of ​​Sadar Bazar, we found illegal firecracker seller Mohammad Rihan present at the scene with a huge amount of illegal firecrackers. Upon weighing the items, a total of 472.4 kg of crackers were recovered,” he said.

Meanwhile, no temporary license for sale and storage of firecrackers will be issued by Delhi Police this festival season. The guidelines were issued keeping in mind the possibility of a further increase in Covid-19 cases in the nation’s capital, deteriorating air quality levels during winters which may impact living conditions. chronic health of persons and various orders of the National Green Court and the Supreme Court. .

“To ensure compliance with the order of the DPCC in letter and spirit, Delhi Police is not issuing any temporary license for the storage and sale of firecrackers in this festive season,” the Deputy Commissioner of Police said. (Licensing Unit) Guriqbal Singh Sindhu.

“Permanent firecracker licenses have already been suspended and licensees have been advised not to sell any type of firecracker until January 1, 2022,” it added.

All field officials have been ordered to ensure that no sales or explosions of firecrackers take place, the officer added.

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