Bitrise Coin built on Binance smart chain, soars 1000%


New York, New York – (Newsfile Corp. – November 14, 2021) – Bitrise is a DeFi protocol built on Binance Smart Chain. The coin recently climbed 1000%, making it one of the fastest growing Binance Smart Chain tokens on the market today. The crypto project has also launched some incredible decentralized products in recent weeks.

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The Bitrise coin was launched on the 28the July 2021 as a Binance-based coin because it runs on the Binance blockchain. The team behind this Binance Smart Chain project is developing a decentralized financial system that will disrupt the traditional financial sector. The DeFi system will run on the Binance Smart Chain.

For starters, Binance Smart Chain is the largest development platform for dApp projects. Building the dApp project on Binance Smart Chain legitimizes the coin. The use of Binance Smart Chain guarantees greater liquidity of the BEP20 token on the Binance exchange. It will also be easier to have their coin listed on Binance when the dApp is built on Binance Smart Chain.

Bitrise coin has seen bullish growth in recent weeks. The team reported that they have registered thousands of new members joining this Binance Smart Chain platform. Achieving 1000% growth is a milestone for a cryptocurrency project that is barely 4 months old. But there are a number of things that this Binance Smart Chain platform has done well.

Providing attractive rewards to investors is something this Binance Smart Chain platform does well. Bitrise tokenomics is very innovative and attractive. The team burned 50% of the quadrillion tokens immediately after the Binance Smart Chain token launched. This immediately created demand for the Binance Smart Chain token.

The team has the remaining 50% of Binance Smart Chain tokens distributed as 7% future development, 5% for the development team, and 38% for the cash pool. Binance Smart Chain tokens in the liquidity pool are what is available for investors.

Bitrise is a hyper-deflationary token and therefore the pool decreases as the tokens are purchased. The team developed a buyback contract that redeems Binance Smart Chain tokens from the pool and immediately burns them. The Binance Smart Chain platform will charge 12% for each token sale.


The 5% of the tax goes to the repurchase contract to automatically buy and burn Binance Smart Chain tokens. This is how this Binance Smart Chain platform, Bitrise, keeps the value of the coin high. The price of the Binance Smart Chain coin, $ BRISE, has also been constant throughout automation.

The automated redemption and burning of Bitrise tokens makes the project more reliable. According to the team, this is one of the reasons that thousands of new members join the room every day. Bitrise tokenomics rewards token holders with Binance Coins (BNB). Holders can sell or convert these Binance coins.

Binance coin rewards have a lot to do with the recent 1000% growth of the Bitrise coin. According to the Bitrise team, token holders automatically receive Binance coins in their wallet every 60 minutes. This static income attracts new members to join this Binance Smart Chain platform.

The team recently announced the start of the staking process. The Binance Smart Chain platform already offers products that will generate income for staking.

Products already present on this Binance Smart Chain network include Bitrise audits, Technical audit, and Bitrise dApp wallet. The Bitrise team also announced the development of Bitrise exchange and IBitrise Blockchain. These utility products make this Binance Smart Chain more attractive.

As a Binance Smart Chain platform, Bitrise will continue to make huge strides in the market. The team says they compete aggressively with other DeFi protocols because they have a better DeFi project. The team says the Binance Smart Chain platform will be the biggest thing in DeFi.

Bitrise coin will continue to experience tremendous growth with the launch of upcoming products. Soon, the Binance Smart Chain platform will launch an exchange that will host Binance coins and hundreds more, and increase the value of the coin.

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