BJP’s Manoj Tiwari goes to Supreme Court against firecracker ban order


Manoj Tiwari also called on all states not to take any enforcement action. (Case)

New Delhi:

BJP MP Manoj Tiwari has asked the Supreme Court to challenge the Delhi government‘s decision against the production, stockpiling, sale and use of all types of firecrackers to control rising levels of firecrackers. pollution in the city.

Arguing that freedom of religion cannot be suppressed on the pretext of the right to life, Manoj Tiwari has called on the city government to issue new guidelines regarding the sale, purchase and popping of permitted firecrackers.

The BJP MP, in a plea filed through Attorney Ashwani Kumar Dubey, also called on all states not to take coercive measures such as hosting FIRs against ordinary people found in the act of selling or using permitted firecrackers during the upcoming festival season.

The high court clarified last year that there was no general ban on the use of firecrackers and that only fireworks containing barium salts were prohibited.

Warning that senior officials at different levels “will be held personally responsible” for any breaches, the top court had said it was regrettable that, despite its instructions, gross violations had taken place.

Manoj Tiwari claimed that in 2021, several state governments and high courts passed ordinances contrary to the position taken by the Supreme Court and imposed a blanket ban on firecrackers.

“With so many different orders, instructions and viewpoints, it was confusing for the general public to understand whether or not firecrackers were permitted despite this Court’s refusal to impose a blanket ban. of the right to life, freedom of religion cannot be taken away and that a balance must be struck as was done by the decision of this Court dated October 29, 2021,” said the plea drawn by the lawyer Shashank Shekhar Jha.

The petition alleged that despite clear orders from the highest court, some states and UTs failed to take the necessary steps to ensure proper arrangements for the celebration of Deepawali were made and instead registered FIRs. and imposed a curfew.

“Chief Secretaries, Commissioners of Police, District Superintendents of Police, Police Station Officers and others in order to comply with the orders of their respective State Governments have taken action against the common people who , when buying the crackers, didn’t even know the ingredients of the crackers at all.”

“The fact that such arrests and FIRs during the festive season like Deepawali have not only brought a very bad message to society as a whole and have unnecessarily created fear and anger among the masses,” the plea said. .

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