Bristol Water asks residents to use less water as demand soars during heatwave


Bristol Water urges people to use less water in their gardens over the next few days.

In addition to the heatwave, the water company says Covid-19 means fewer of us are leaving the region, leading to increased demand.

Bristol Water said it was pumping 20% ​​more water through the system than an average July, or 59 million more liters of water.

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Liz Cornwell, Head of Water Resources, said: “We are working very hard to get even more water through the pipes, but we expect the demand to be so high that it will be difficult to get the water through. water through the pipes fairly quickly.

“Normally in July we see the demand for water decrease with much of the region leaving for summer vacation, but this year the demand is increasing as many of us stay local.

“If we all take small steps, we can make sure there is enough for everyone. There are also benefits to local rivers if we can use less – like taking it out of rivers, there was less to support nature.

“We know that one of the main ways of using water is in the garden, so we ask people not to water their lawns during the heatwave and to take as many small steps as possible to use the water. wisely. “

Local Bedminster gardener Sharna Smith said: “Unless you have a newly laid lawn there is no need to water it in a drought. It will rebound directly. I always use mulch on my plants, it keeps the water from evaporating and I installed a water tank so that I can reuse the rainwater. Plants like lavender are fantastic – they are teeming with pollen for bees but are also drought tolerant.

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