Carte Blanche crew extracted from Odessa after Russian rockets hit the city in Ukraine – SAPeople

Carte Blanche crew extracted from Odessa after Russian rockets hit the city in Ukraine. Photo: screenshot from the Carte Blanche video

A Carte Blanche crew from South Africa was extracted from Odessa, Ukraine, after the port city was hit by several Russian missiles and/or rockets early Sunday morning.

Carte Blanche confirmed that the show’s producer, Anina Peens, was in Odessa at the time. Along with images of the sky lit by explosions, the news program reported that an oil refinery and fuel storage facilities were destroyed in the attack. (Watch below.)

This week, Carte Blanche traveled to Ukraine where Russian air and ground forces continue to attack cities, causing heavy civilian casualties and infrastructure damage…and Ukraine continues to retaliate, refusing to stand surrender or lay down arms.

As thousands continue to flee war, the Carte Blanche team traveled to Ukraine – with Anina as producer and presenter – to assess the human and economic cost of the Russian invasion that will come into its sixth week next week.

As the United Nations estimates that nearly 7 million citizens have been displaced in Ukraine, Anina has joined a group of volunteers trying to meet urgent needs for food, water, medicine, clothing and other basic supplies.

Despite promises of peace and despite Ukraine’s commitment not to join NATO, Carte Blanche reports that Russian air and ground attacks remain unrelenting, as they experienced this morning. Meanwhile, the African Development Bank has issued a warning of a large-scale food crisis as prices for natural gas, wheat and fertilizers soar.

Sunday evening, Carte Blanche takes viewers live to Ukraine where Anina will provide updates and try to make sense of the conflict and the extent of her human toll.

John Webb, executive producer of Carte Blanche, said: “We were nervous about sending someone to Ukraine: why this war and not others? What access are we likely to get? Is it worth it? Do South Africans care? Some questions were easier to answer than others.

“But, having sent a producer and a cameraman to the area, our challenge now is to tell a compelling and relevant story. And, without losing sight of the immediate human cost, consideration of the catastrophic impact on world food and fuel prices should highlight the many unintended consequences of this war.

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