Chandigarh administration imposes blanket ban on bursting firecrackers before Diwali


A week before Diwali – the festival of lights, the Chandigarh administration banned the bursting of firecrackers on Friday. The administration ordered a total ban on the bursting of all types of firecrackers and fireworks under its jurisdiction with immediate effect until November 15.

The bursting of firecrackers will however be allowed for three hours (6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.) on the day of Guru Nanak Dev’s birth on November 4, according to an official published by Chandigarh district magistrate Ajit Balaji Joshi said. The order came a day after the High Court of Punjab and Haryana on Thursday authorized the bursting of firecrackers on November 4.

“The sale of firecrackers and other fireworks by temporary license holders shall only take place in the areas designated in the temporary license and no temporary license holder shall sell or market firecrackers and other fireworks. at a location other than the reserved / designated area, “indicates the order. The manufacture, sale or use of firecrackers generating a sound level greater than 125 dB (AI) or 145 dB (C) pk at 4 meters away distance from the bursting point will be prohibited, specifies the decree, adding that “for the individual firecrackers constituting the series, said reduced limit of 5 log 10 (N) dB, where N = number of assembled crackers, is prohibited.”

The Administration also requested the manufacturers to mention the details of its chemical content on each box of firecrackers and that it meets the requirement set by the Explosives Department.


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