Eagle Solar and Sky Rockets top Standerton business cricket league – Ridge Times


Spring was in the air for cricketers at the Piet van den Berg oval on Sunday September 4 when two trade league matches were played.

In the opener, Eagle Solar beat Holmdene by nine wickets, scoring 45/1 in 3.3 overs.

Holmdene only managed 42/10 in 13.1 overs.

They opted to strike and the bowling attack saw Boy Qutello take three wickets, conceding three runs, Iain Patullo taking three wickets, conceding 10 runs and Ryno Prinsloo taking one wicket.

Billy Lyons made 10 sets of 16 deliveries, PJ Venter nine sets of 18 deliveries and André Schwab seven sets of 12 deliveries.

The Eagle Solar batsmen faced Venter, who took a wicket, conceding 31 runs and Carus Janse van Rensburg, who conceded 14 runs.

Riaad carried out 32 series of 11 deliveries, Prinsloo four series of three deliveries and Estienne du Toit four series of seven deliveries.

In the second match, Sky Rockets defeated Blue Bottle Barbarians by six wickets.

The Sky Rockets final score was 185/4 in 19.1 overs, while their opponents had to settle for 183/7.

The Blue Bottle Barbarians opted to bat and Michael Hobkirk took two wickets, conceding 30 runs, Marco Meintjies one wicket, conceding nine runs and Dillon one wicket, conceding 19 runs.

Hendré Naudé’s batting numbers were 81 of 38 deliveries, Solly van Rensburg 26 of 21 deliveries, and Ricus van den Hoven 20 of 16 deliveries.

One of the winning team’s batsmen had a field day with Petrus Matthee scoring 117 of 54 deliveries, Douglas Richardson 29 of 25 deliveries and Hobkirk 10 of 13 deliveries.

Jan-Dirk van Dyk took two wickets, conceding 40 runs, Quintin Kruger one wicket, conceding 21 runs and Johardt Swanepoel one wicket, conceding 48 runs.

The players on the pitch at the Piet van den Berg oval on Sunday 4 September.
Time for a quick chat on Sunday September 3 at the Piet van den Berg oval.
Jannie Krugel collects the ball at the oval on Sunday September 3.

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