Fact-check: Taiwan festival firecracker video shared as Italy wins celebration


An old video of a religious holiday in Taiwan is making the rounds on social media claiming that these are the celebrations of victory in Italy after winning the European Cup.

Screenshot of viral video from a religion festival in Taiwan.

It was only the second time Italy has won the European Cup, beating England on a scathing penalty. Back home, thousands of Italians took to the streets, waving flags, singing songs, playing music and popping crackers.

One such video, allegedly from celebrations in Italy, shows a long line of firecrackers being burnt on a road as people film the show. Many social media users were video review, alleging that some people only linked the pollution to Diwali.

“Celebration of victory in Italy. Please note that firecracker pollution only occurs in India during Diwali, ”the caption of one of these messages read on Twitter.

India Today Anti Fake News War Room (AFWA) found the claim as well as the video to be misleading. The video is three months old and comes from a religious holiday in Taiwan.

AFWA investigation

Using reverse search, we found out that some users posted the video in April of this year and wrote “Baishatun Mazu” in Chinese. Using related keywords in Chinese, AFWA found a YouTube video from Taiwanese news channel “SETN” showing visuals similar to the viral video. This YouTube video was uploaded on April 16, 2021. The title of the video indicates that this is a 500-meter-long cracker trail burned to accommodate Baishatun Mazu.

Baishatun Mazu refers to an annual pilgrimage to Taiwan for the sea goddess Matsu. According to the Taiwanese daily “Taipei Times”, the Baishatun Mazu pilgrimage is one of the largest religious processions in Taiwan that departs every year from Baishatun in Miaoli County.

The Gong Tian temple in Baishatun holds the procession of the sea goddess Matsu, which travels a distance of about 400 km to reach another temple and return. About 78,000 people have registered to participate in this year’s procession, the report says.

A volunteer can also be seen in the video wearing a jacket with “Baiishatun Gongtian Temple” written on it in Chinese.

Therefore, it is evident that a three-month video from Taiwan was presented as a celebration of the European Cup victory in Italy. However, fireworks were also used in Italy during the celebrations.

ClaimThe video shows the celebrations of victory in Italy after winning the European Cup by beating England in a biting finish. ConclusionThe video is three months old and comes from a religious holiday in Taiwan. However, the Italians also celebrated their European Cup victory with songs, music and fireworks.


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