Faygo’s new pop fireworks soar in popularity



Not all fireworks are of the pyrotechnic variety this July 4th.

Iconic Detroit maker Faygo Beverages Inc. is releasing a new summer flavor of pop called Firework – think melted popsicle Bomb Pop – that might also make people cry on the bottle.

If they can find it, it is.

The new explosion of fruity and sweet flavors of cherry, lime and blue raspberry are so popular that Faygo has sold more than his forecast for all summer. Four packs ranged from $ 45 to $ 55 on eBay.

The company plans to restock stores with more limited-time summer flavor, which comes in 24-ounce bottles patriotic decorated with Plastipak Packaging Inc.’s patented “direct object printing” technology.

Coupled with proprietary inks, the printing process offers “fully recyclable packaging,” according to Ron Uptergrove, director of advanced manufacturing at Plastipak.

“Not having a label stuck to the bottle eliminates unwanted landfill waste and reduces the carbon footprint of the supply chain. It’s the decorating technology of the future,” Uptergrove said in a statement. Press release.

Digital advancements allowed the artwork to be approved and produced on the same day. Faygo began filling production within days of its traditional six to eight week lead time for printed labels, the release said.

The printing technology also allowed Faygo to put a QR code on the bottles for a marketing campaign called “Can’t Stop the Pop”. Consumers scan the code with smartphones to access a website where the company is offering the Faygo Firework loot.

Firework offers a whole new experience, according to Faygo Beverages President Al Chittaro.

“For 114 years, Faygo has been an innovator in the pop world and we are very proud to add Firework to our distinctive line of over 50 flavors,” Chittaro said in the release.

Faygo officials were overwhelmed with the response to the product, according to Dawn Burch, Faygo’s marketing manager.

“We’re disappointed to see prices go up and want consumers to understand that more is being produced on a regular basis, so don’t spend that much on a bottle or a case,” Burch told MLive. “We have been producing more each week since launch and are expanding production to more cases per run. We are also working on adding a second package size.”



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