Firecrackers set house on fire during New Year’s Eve celebrations


Sunday mail

Emmanuel Kafe

A STRAY firecracker landed on a thatched-roof house, ignited and razed part of a lavish two-story property in the leafy suburb of Greystone Park in Harare as people celebrated the New Year’s Eve .

The incident happened around midnight when people started to detonate firecrackers in the normally serene and calm neighborhood.

The fire consumed much of the thatched roof of the house as household goods worth several thousand dollars were destroyed, although no fatalities were recorded. When the Sunday Mail visited the house yesterday, there was nothing but rubble and smoke on the property.

A resident of the property, Mr Breit Spark, said:

“It happened at midnight, I was asleep when I heard the sound of a firecracker exploding and a few moments later I discovered that the house had caught on fire – I’m very sure it was a firecracker that set the house on fire.

“We had the help of neighbors who came quickly to help us take out some furniture.”
Mr Spark said there was a swift response from the Harare City Fire Department as firefighters managed to put out the hell.

“Without the kindness and help of the neighbors and the hard work of the firefighters, things could have been much worse,” he added.

Harare City Council Fire Chief Clever Mafoti confirmed the incident.

“I can confirm that there was a fire at a two story property in Greystone Park and our team responded quickly to the incident and managed to save part of the house.

“We were unable to establish the cause of the fire during this period as our main objective in such incidents is to save lives and property.

“We will await our investigation to determine the cause of the fire,” he said.

Police last week warned members of the public against using firecrackers to celebrate the New Year, noting that the fireworks pose a serious danger to humans and animals.

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