Five rockets hit the Ukrainian city of Lviv


The Russian army apparently carried out a major attack: According to the mayor, five rockets were fired at the city of Lviv.

According to Ukrainian sources, five Russian rocket attacks hit the western city of Lviv on Monday morning. There were “five violent rocket attacks at once on civilian infrastructure in the old European city of Lviv,” wrote Mykhailo Podoliak, adviser to President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, on Twitter. A resident of southwest Lviv told AFP news agency that he saw thick clouds of gray smoke rising from behind residential buildings.

“The Russians continue to barbarically attack Ukrainian cities from the air,” Podoliak wrote. Rescuers are on their way to the scene, the city’s mayor, Andriy Sadowy, told the Telegram messaging service. There is still no information on the extent of the damage or any casualties.

Located far from the front lines in western Ukraine, Lviv has rarely been bombed since the Russian invasion began on February 24. On March 26, the city was hit by a series of Russian airstrikes. Among other things, a fuel depot was attacked, five people were injured according to the authorities.

Dead and wounded in previous attack on Lviv

In another attack a few days earlier, the city was the target of an airstrike which hit an aircraft repair factory near the airport. On March 13, Russian cruise missiles targeted a key military base about 40 kilometers northwest of Lviv, killing at least 35 people and injuring 134.

Lviv, which is close to the Polish border, has become a haven for refugees. Western embassies were also moved from Kyiv to Lviv at the start of the war.


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