Flower prices soar in Salem



Flower prices have skyrocketed in the city’s main flower markets, thanks to the Pongal Festival.

More than 200 farmers from different parts of Salem and neighboring districts brought around 25 tons of flowers each day to the city’s VOC Flower Market.

The price of jasmine (gundu malli), the favorite flower of worshipers, has doubled in the past week. The flower, which was selling for Rs. 500 per kg, recorded an upward trend and was selling for Rs. 1,000 per kg on Wednesday.

Kakkattan poop is another variety, the price of which also doubled in a week. The price of this local variety was Rs. 600 per kg on Wednesday, compared to Rs. 300 last week.

The price of other flowers as follows: Kanagambaram (Rs. 800 per kg); samanthi poo (Rs. 160 per kg); sambagi (Rs. 100 per kg); kozhikondai poo (Rs. 100 per kg); arali poo (200 rupees); colored poo (Rs. 70); Bangalore rose (Rs. 80 per ‘kattu’).

The sharp increase in the price did not deter people from buying the flowers. The VOC market drew huge crowds from dawn until late at night. “We need the flowers for worship. Therefore, we buy them despite the high price, ”says S. Rajalakshmi, a housewife from Hasthampatti.

Flower sellers are of the opinion that the sharp increase in the price of all flowers was mainly due to the drop in the arrival and purchase of the Pongal festival.

With the wedding season coming, the price of flowers will continue to stay on the rise for a few more weeks, they say.



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