For $2, Iron Beam shoots down mortars, drones and rockets


JERUSALEM ($1 = 3.33 Israeli shekels) — Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said he was pleased with Raphael’s progress in developing strategic defense systems to ensure national security. “Today [the enemy] can invest tens of thousands of dollars in a missile, and we can invest two dollars to cover the cost of electricity when the missile is shot down,” Bennett talked about the latest development, the Iron Beam laser air defense system.

Photo: Amos Ben Gershom/GPO recalls that in mid-April this year, the Israeli Ministry of Defense declassified a video of the Iron Beam tests. In the Negev desert, the Iron Beam successfully intercepted and destroyed an unmanned aerial vehicle, an anti-tank guided missile, a mortar shell and a surface-to-air missile.

Naftali Bennett noted that Iron Beam is a revolutionary military system that can not only strike the enemy and his missiles with military force, but also can weaken him economically. The Prime Minister noted that Israel is currently in a period of economic and military stability, and the iron beam is the reason why Israel “gallers much before the enemy and the world.” “We are strategically prepared – in every aspect, for every scenario,” Bennett said.

The role of Iron Beam

Iron Beam is the name of the laser system. Its role will not be to replace the Iron Dome but to complement it to ensure even greater protection and additional efficiency. Israel’s Defense Minister said on April 13 that the ministry was working to “make the system work as quickly as possible and enable an effective, cheap and innovative protective umbrella”. According to the Department of Defense, as long as there is energy to power the Iron Beam, the system will not run out of ammunition.

Israel shot down missiles, mortars, ATGMs and drones using a laser system
Photo credit: The Times of Israel

However, the Iron Beam has one downside and that is that it cannot work effectively in bad weather conditions like low visibility or thick clouds. For this reason, the Israeli military is considering an option to quickly develop an Iron Beam version to fit into the aircraft. So far, however, analysis shows that if that happens, it won’t be as fast as the MoD hopes.

Israeli military intelligence estimates that Hezbollah has 13,000 missiles. These are surface-to-surface missiles, mortars, etc. At the same time, the figures for Hamas and Palestinian Jihad are also worrying. It is said that despite last year’s 11-day missile war, in which thousands of missiles were fired, the two groups have thousands more missiles and mortars in reserve.

The commissioning of Iron Beam proved extremely significant in the context of such information. This laser system, associated with the Iron Dome [short range]david’s sling [medium range]and Arrow + Patriot [long range] can provide significantly better air defenses in a future major conflict or war in the region.


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