GHMC prohibits the sale of banned firecrackers, only green firecrackers are allowed


The GHMC said teams have been trained to identify stores selling imported firecrackers.

The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation on Friday (October 29th) issued orders banning the sale of firecrackers banned after the Supreme Court order. Only the sale of green crackers that do not harm the environment will be allowed, the company said.

The GHMC said: “The production, sale and use of firecrackers and serial crackers or laris other than green crackers are prohibited, and the illegal imports, sale and distribution of such fireworks are a punishable offence.” The GHMC said teams have been trained to identify stores selling imported firecrackers.

He also asked citizens to come forward and share information. “Citizens are urged to share information on anyone found selling prohibited firecrackers to the nearest police station for appropriate action. Citizens are also urged to encourage community fire cracking. To this end, particular areas/areas would be pre-identified and pre-designated by the relevant authorities,” the order reads.

The orders came after the Supreme Court said chief secretaries and senior administration and police officials would be held personally liable if banned varieties of firecrackers were found to be used in any States.

The court clarified that there is no total ban on the use of firecrackers and that only fireworks containing barium salts are prohibited.

In its order, the Supreme Court said any failure by state governments, agencies and union territories will be taken very seriously. “If prohibited firecrackers are found to be being manufactured, sold and used in a particular area, the Chief Secretary of the State or States, the Secretary (Interior) of the State or States and the Commissioner of Area Police, The District Superintendent of Area Police and the SHO/police officer in charge of the police station will be held personally accountable,” he said.

He added that no authority can authorize the use of prohibited firecrackers under the guise of celebration. “The celebration cannot be at the expense of the health of others. Under the guise of celebration, no one can be allowed to infringe on the right to health of others,” the bench of judges MR Shah and AS Bopanna said.

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