Gujarat: Major fire breaks out in firecracker descent in Anand, no casualties are reported | Ahmedabad News


ANAND: A major fire broke out on Monday in a building that housed firecrackers in the town of Anand.
The incident took place in the building directly opposite Anand Nagar Sevasadan. The fire in the godown not only spread to the top floor of the building where the crackers were stored, but engulfed the entire building and even spread to another building next to it.
The two buildings are three stories each.
Firefighters from Khambhat, Nadiad, Petlad and Vadodara apart from those of Anand rushed to the scene to extinguish the blaze.
Although there were no reports of injuries or casualties from the fire, approximately seven two-wheelers and one four-wheeler that were parked next to the building were damaged in the blaze.

Beams of black smoke billowing from the building as a result of the fire could be seen from afar while the loud sound of the firecrackers bursting was literally nerve-racking.
The building that housed the godown is known locally as the Mayur retail complex. “The noise was so loud that I suffered temporary hearing loss,” a photographer at the scene told TOI.
Cops also struggled to disperse the crowds of onlookers and locals who had started to congregate in nearby areas. The whole area was later cordoned off by the police.
Firefighters continued their efforts to put out the blaze in both buildings until late in the evening.


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