Incredible viral video shows Ukrainian helicopter firing rockets


Another interesting video from the war in Ukraine has hit Twitter.

In a viral video tweeted by Rob Lee, a Ukrainian helicopter streaked across the sky and fired rockets. While it’s not the craziest war video we’ve ever seen, it’s still worth watching. (RELATED: David Hookstead is the real King In the North When it comes to college football)

Turn it on and give it a watch below.

Of all the videos we’ve seen from Ukraine since the start of the war with Russia, some of the helicopter footage is definitely some of the best. It’s almost like it’s straight out of a video game or movie.

It’s just crazy to see a helicopter tearing up the sky while firing rockets or to see a video of a helicopter being brutally shot down.

At this point, nothing that might come out of Ukraine would surprise me. Whether it’s shootouts, blown up helicopters, wrecked tanks, or anything in between, I feel like we’ve pretty much seen it all at this point.

The fights are absolutely brutal and all the videos remind of it.

Be sure to keep checking for the latest videos from Ukraine, because we have them.


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