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T’PURAM: The state government has issued strict guidelines to all district collectors and district police chiefs to implement the Supreme Court’s order banning a specific category of firecrackers.
The Home Office’s directive to all collectors was issued last Thursday following a recent SC observation that despite the court’s various observations regarding the use of firecrackers, the manufacture, sale and l use of banned fireworks continued to violate the court order.
“Even though they are banned, the manufacture, sale and use of attached firecrackers has continued and the same are used in flagrant violation of the guidelines issued by this tribunal. It is reported that even under the guise of “green crackers”, banned chemical firecrackers are sold and there is incorrect labeling on the cans and even the QR codes provided on the cans of “green crackers”, are presumed to be false ” , the court had observed.
The state has a rich culture of using firecrackers for festivals like Diwali and Vishu and for other religious ceremonies like the temple and Theyyam festivals of northern Kerala. The court had previously banned the manufacture, sale and use of firecrackers other than green firecrackers and low-emission (improvised) firecrackers. The court had also banned “joint firecrackers” because these firecrackers cause enormous problems with air, noise and solid waste. The sale of authorized firecrackers should only be done through authorized traders, and it should also be ensured that authorized traders only sell authorized firecrackers.
The court further clarified that no e-commerce website, including e-commerce giants like Amazon and Flipkart, should accept orders and sell firecrackers, and those who sell them online should be dragged out and liable. contempt of court. The court had specifically stated that barium salts (which give fireworks a green color) cannot be used in firecrackers.
Previously, based on the court order, the state issued an order on November 3 restricting the use of firecrackers from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Diwali Day. Based on the court order, the government would issue another order restricting the use of firecrackers for the next Christmas and New Years from 11:55 pm to 12:30 am The court said the celebrations could not be allowed. to the detriment of health, in particular that of the elderly and children.

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