Lagos warns of sales, use of fireworks and firecrackers


The Lagos State Governor’s Special Advisor for Central Business Districts, Olugbenga Oyerinde, has advised against the use of all forms of fireworks and firecrackers in the state’s business districts.

This was announced Tuesday in a statement titled “Lagos Cbd warns against sales and use of fireworks”.

Oyerinde said that as Christmas approaches, Lagosians should note that firecrackers can present potential dangers to people and the environment.

“Some fireworks sound the same as some guns used by criminals and people cannot tell them apart. In addition, it is necessary to protect the markets against fires, ”Oyerinde said in the statement.

He continued, “Therefore, it is important to restrict distribution and use to help secure people and valuables as the Christmas and New Year celebrations approach.”

He said enforcement officers from the CBD and other security agencies have been commissioned to ensure that fireworks are not used, especially in business districts, markets and residential areas. due to the start of the harmattan season.

Oyerinde recalled the fire caused by the storage of fireworks on the island of Lagos, which resulted in the loss of human life and property worth millions of naira, adding that the danger associated with the use of fires fireworks could constitute a great danger to society because of its capacity to start a fire.

“It is not enough to have safety rules, they must be enforced and respected to avoid preventable loss of life, property and injury. As a government concerned with the safety of life and property, anything less than strict compliance with safety regulations will be acceptable, the relevant provisions of the law will be applied against individuals and organizations in error, ”he said. he declared.

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