Magnetic fishermen who found 86 rockets at Fort Stewart appear in court


A federal court in Statesboro, Georgia, today ruled that three magnet fishermen charged after removing army munitions from a waterway near Fort Stewart will not face misdemeanor fines.

Led by YouTuber Bryce Nachtwey, the trio, who fired 86 rockets, a round tracer tank and .50 caliber ammunition belts from a river, were cleared of nine charges, a spokesperson for the prosecutor’s office said. American at the Military Times.

The group found the ammunition and 86 rockets in a Delta Airlines duffel bag and said they were just trying to do the right thing by calling the bomb squad. This ultimately led to three citations for each of them – two tickets for $130 and one for $80 – for magnet fishing at Fort Stewart, entering a closed area and not having the proper permits.

The original exchange can be seen on Nachtwey’s YouTube channel, Outdoors Weekly.

According to the army, the artillery is estimated from the 70s or 80s.

“The batch numbers on the rockets gave us that timeframe,” Kevin Larson, Fort Stewart’s chief of public communications, told the Military Times. “Unfortunately, we cannot determine who disposed of the ammunition improperly due to the age of the ammunition. Our Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit secured the found items and disposed of them.

Larson noted that no attempt will be made by the military to search for other displaced equipment.

“We will not be looking for additional munitions as we know we are an active training facility and the presence of munitions in the environment is a reality to prepare our units to respond to the call of the nation,” a- he added.

However the ordnance found its way to a watery grave, the discovery of Nachtwey posed a level of concern for the army, which advised civilians to be cautious.

“Because of this reality, we strongly emphasize that people follow the 3 Rs – recognize, retreat, report – when encountering munitions they may find in the training area,” a- he declared.

Military Times has contacted Nachtwey, who did not return a request for comment at press time.

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