Metroid Dread soars sales of classic games on Wii U and 3DS


Metroid Dread is increase sales of previous video games in the series on Nintendo digital portals where they are available. Faced with the inability to obtain any Metroid in the Nintendo Switch eShop (except Metroid I and Super Metroid via Nintendo Switch Online), the eShop of Wii U and NI mean 3DS they have the name Metroid several times in their top selling titles of the week.

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In addition, it is something that is shared in different regions. Followers of the saga have shared on Twitter cases such as the UK, which leaves us with Metroid Fusion (GBA) in first place, Metroid Zero Mission (GBA) in second place, Metroid Prime Trilogy (GCN; Wii) in seventh place and Super Metroid (SNES) in ninth position in the ranking of the best selling games on Wii U. For its part, the laptop leaves us Metroid: Samus Returns, remake of the second numbered episode of the series by the hand of MercurySteam, in third place in the eShop.

Many people discover the saga with Metroid Dread

Similar results in the US, with a ranking that, high or low, sends a clear message to Nintendo: the community wants to continue playing Metroid after Metroid Dread.

Since Metroid has never been a very popular series – the most successful episode to date is Metroid Prime with “only” 2.84 million units sold— we can expect the momentum of Nintendo Switch causes hundreds of thousands of people Discover for the first time one of the most important and influential Nintendo series in media history.

In any case, for the moment, Nintendo Switch will continue without a traditional virtual console, so that Metroid Zero Mission (remake of the first installment), Metroid II, Metroid Fusion and the Metroid Prime trilogy still cannot be played on the hybrid console. until further notice.

Terror Metroid is available exclusively for Nintendo Switch; in the United Kingdom, it is already breaking records.

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