NRCC surprises DCCC as online fundraising skyrockets 400%


Online contributions to the National Republican Congressional Committee have grown by more than 400% in two years, erasing the critical popular fundraising advantage that House Democrats have enjoyed for several years as the battle for the Congress of 2022 is intensifying.

The first quarter of this year saw the NRCC overtake the Congressional Democratic Campaign Committee for the first time in contributions from local donors who give small amounts online. The House’s Republican campaign arm edged out the DCCC on that $ 1.7 million front. Second-quarter comparisons were not yet available, but the NRCC boasted of total online contributions for the period of $ 14.1 million, a 325% jump from what it collected there. two years ago.


Overall, the NRCC raised $ 26.2 million online from Jan.1 to June 30, a 403% growth from the $ 5.2 million the committee raised digitally in the first six. month of 2019.

“NRCC’s investments in its digital operation help ensure that Republican candidates have the resources to win back a majority in 2022,” committee spokesman Michael McAdams said on Monday.

In the early 2000s, the DCCC invested in the new arena of online fundraising, while the NRCC still relied on more traditional telemarketing, direct mail, and wealthy check-writing donors. As online donations gradually represented higher percentages of political fundraising, the DCCC built up an edge over the NRCC that would last for over a decade until, in the 2018 midterm elections, Democratic challengers overwhelm embattled Republican incumbents.

This cycle, Democrats have reclaimed the House for the first time in eight years, in a swing of 40 seats.

House Republicans responded by revamping their fundraising strategy. Ahead of the 2020 election, the NRCC invested money to attract local digital donors and waited for the returns to materialize. NRC’s willingness to exercise strategic patience was important. Building a lucrative list of local donors online requires a substantial upfront investment, while the money it generates sometimes takes a year or two, or even more, to start pouring in.

As part of its new focus on Internet fundraising, the NRCC has increased its membership in this department and started using voter data and analytics to generate online fundraising messages.

Meanwhile, the DCCC recorded its best June in history, raising nearly $ 14.4 million to close its best second quarter, with just under $ 36.5 million raised. The House Democratic campaign arm entered in July with a war chest of over $ 44 million, giving it $ 19 million more to spend on the 2022 campaigns than it had at the same moment in 2019.


“Our strong fundraising success shows that American voters reject Republican extremism and know how essential a Democratic majority in the House is to protecting our democracy and helping American families,” said Representative Sean Patrick Maloney of New York, chairman of the DCCC, in a statement.

The only problem for the DCCC? NRC do even better in the second quarter, raising $ 45.4 million and cashing in $ 55 million. House Republicans are just a few seats short of the majority as the ten-year redistribution process is about to unfold.

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