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The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) reminds the public that fireworks (pyrotechnics) and firecrackers remain illegal in Jamaica.

Firecrackers, more commonly known as “clappers”, are still sold during the Christmas season although they are illegal.

Speaking to JIS News, the head of the Public Safety and Law Enforcement Directorate (PSTEB), Deputy Commissioner of Police (ACP) Gary McKenzie, said people should refrain from them. use.

“All of these things are illegal and shouldn’t be done. No permit is granted for this type of activity. We expect people to play by the rules [as] we’re not going to be indulgent, ”McKenzie said.

“If people are caught doing this, there is no discretion that will prevent us or that we will use not to arrest and charge people, because we have to make sure the message is clear. If we do not take measures to be safe and obey the rules, we will destroy ourselves and we will not allow it, ”he added.

McKenzie further stated that the sale and possession of any type of fireworks or firecrackers is illegal.

“Possession is illegal, sale is illegal, and use is illegal. Thus, no one should be in possession of shutters or any other device that could cause fireworks or explosions. What we don’t realize is that especially in communities we have babies, the elderly, hospitals and infirmaries and sometimes these things happen and it can be pretty scary, ”McKenzie said.

He informed that people have lost their homes because of individuals displaying fireworks.

“People might say it’s so fun and it’s so pretty, so they want to do it. But people have lost their whole homes because of these things. Remember, it is fire and it is not controlled. You can burn down someone’s house, so we’re just asking people to be really responsible, ”he said.

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