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There are three main ways to be bad in the NBA.

One is the Rockets’ current way of rebuilding. To start again in the cycle of discord. The Rockets acquire young players, seeking to rid themselves of veteran contacts, primarily seeking the development of young players. The problem with this is that young players tend to be worse than experienced players. Often much worse.

It helps to compare a rookie or young player with their peers, but being the best rookie is a lot like being the best cricketer in Iceland. It’s good to be sure, but what’s in it for you? Not much, because the peer group just isn’t that good.

The key isn’t rookie season, it’s later seasons. Beginner performance is a little less predictive than you might imagine for future success. Sometimes a player is like Luka Doncic, starts out good, then improves (But how much? Is growth an absolutely linear thing with an age cap, or is there some sort of “ years of major growth” and they could be 17 in some cases, or 21 in others, depending on the training and competition environment?) Sometimes a player is like Tyreke Evans, who starts off very well then usually deteriorates.

Of them is having plans to be a good team and then suffering serious injuries to star players, or some other disaster like a player refusing to show up for work, or not taking simple health precautions. Maybe a team lost a major player for other reasons – agency or trade demands. It’s sad and frustrating, if you’re a fan, but that’s really all. The plan may have been sound, the team building reasonable and fortune intervened to spoil the season.

Three This is where the Sacramento Kings and their long-suffering fans have been for, well, a long, long time. Not long in terms of NBA pundits, long in terms of “it’s your life.” The team would like to be good. This is not the case. The plan doesn’t work, the players, they’re often good individually considered individually, don’t work well together as a team. The framework is not good. The front office is a problem rather than a support system. Draft picks are made when there were clear picks that looked better at the time.

It’s hard to be third. Pour one out for the Kings fans, who finally got rid of the clumsy and incompetent Maloof Siblings, replacing them with the clumsy and incompetent Vivek Ranadive.

Sometimes failure starts at the top.

Good news, Alperen Sengun, The Turkish Hammer, is coming back to save us all, like Superman.


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