Save up to 30% on Estes model rockets with these early Memorial Day deals


If you’re looking for a new model rocket or two, you can have the fun (off) this Memorial Day weekend and save up to 30% on these Estes Model Rockets and Launch Kit.

The 30% discount (opens in a new tab) comes just before Memorial Day weekend and is for the launch set needed to launch the rockets themselves. There are also two Estes rockets on sale, with 28% off a Saturn V rocket (opens in a new tab) and 20% off a Saturn 1B rocket (opens in a new tab).

The rockets are 1:200 (Saturn V) and 1:100 (Saturn 1B) scale and will undoubtedly increase your fun this weekend. If model rockets are your thing, be sure to check out our best model rockets guide. If you want to check out other space-related gear, check out our best space gifts and deals for kids for ideas.

These Memorial Day model rocket sales are pretty impressive. You’ll need the launch set to be able to take off with one of the two rockets, and it’s a handy 30% discount (opens in a new tab). You get an easy-to-assemble launch pad with pre-colored entry and intermediate rockets that can reach heights of over 350 meters.

The Saturn V rocket is best suited for non-beginners. The 28% discount (opens in a new tab) gives you a ready-to-launch rocket that stands nearly two feet tall and comes with an 18-inch parachute. It comes fully assembled with scale details, paint and markings and will launch up to 200 feet in the air.

The Saturn 1B rocket is no less impressive, it’s 20% off (opens in a new tab) you will get an incredibly detailed rocket model. It comes pre-assembled and even comes with eight low-profile fins at the base of the rocket to help with guidance and aerodynamics during flight.

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