SC says CBI report on use of toxic chemicals in firecrackers is very serious


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New Delhi [India], Sep 29 (ANI): The Supreme Court said on Wednesday that the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) report on the use of toxic chemicals such as barium salts in the manufacture of firecrackers is “very serious”.

A bench of justice MR Shah and judge AS Bopanna said at first sight that there appears to have been a “violation” of the orders of the Supreme Court concerning the use of barium and the labeling of fires of ‘fireworks and took note that manufacturers such as Hindustan Fireworks and Standard Fireworks have purchased barium in huge quantities and used these chemicals in fireworks.

The CBI report states that various samples of firecrackers and raw materials were collected from manufacturing plants which were sent for chemical analysis and it was found that in many firecrackers barium and barium salts were found the Bench said, perusing the CBI report. .

During the hearing, Judge Shah said: “It was also found that a huge amount of barium, barium salts has been purchased by manufacturers despite the ban imposed on the chemical in 2019. It was also found that the labels of the finished crackers revealed they did not contain the chemical composition and year of manufacture. “

On March 3, 2020, the highest court ordered the joint director of the CBI in Chennai to conduct a detailed investigation into the alleged violation of its previous orders by the manufacturers by using the ingredients that have been banned and by mislabelling their products unlike to the directives of the court management. He had requested a report from the CBI within six weeks.

He had noted that Standard Fireworks, Hindustan Fireworks, Vinayaga Fireworks Industries, Shree Mariamman Fireworks, Shree Suryakalaa Fireworks and Selva Vinayagar Fireworks had been ordered to show why they would not be punished for contempt for violating its previous orders for the use. banned chemicals.

Hearing the case, the House even warned that it would revoke the licenses of these manufacturers for the use of banned chemicals in firecrackers and asked why FIRs should not be registered against them and why should they not. be punished.

The Supreme Court, however, said that the manufacturer’s firecrackers that are alleged to be made are given another opportunity to present their point of view regarding the report’s report and has addressed them to opinions as well.

The Firecracker Manufacturers Association has asked the House that a copy of the findings of the CBI’s preliminary report be given to the manufacturers.

He has now posted the case for the next hearing on October 6. (ANI)

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