Serial firecrackers in great demand on the markets of Bhopal


BHOPAL: The “Rassi bomb” and the “Mirchi bomb”, two of the most popular firecrackers among all generations, once again flooded the markets before Diwali. Only this year, the collector banned any fireworks that would erupt in series for a long time. The district collector had issued an order on Oct. 31 setting out guidelines for Diwali celebrations, where outside of the parameters set for firecrackers for sale, it was mentioned that a ban would remain on the sale and use of any firecrackers. bursting in series. .

Despite orders from the administration, the markets of Bhopal were decked out with popular firecrackers which were sold each year in batches.

A New Market vendor in Bhopal requested anonymity: “These are the best-selling firecrackers of all generations. We children punctured them and our children did the same. I understand the pollution issues, but if they are available in wholesale, we as retailers would definitely want to increase our business. “

While another seller who had set up his shop near Neelam Park said: “I haven’t bought any new serial crackers this year because I was aware of the collector’s orders. These are just leftover Rassi and Mirchi crackers from last year. We also understand environmental concerns, but I cannot let the money I invested in last year go to waste. “

“I’m not insisting that my customers buy them, but if they want to, I won’t stop them,” he added.

A resident of Nehru Nagar, Shashwat Parekh, says his children love to pop crackers that burst in series. But this year, he told them in particular not to burst them because they caused a lot of noise and air pollution.

“However, when they saw them all over the market, they became adamant and I couldn’t resist. So, I bought them a bundle of Mirchi patakha,” he said. in the field of environment and climate change, Varun, said, “The use can only stop when the government orders a ban from the start itself. People will not burst the crackers. unwanted if they don’t find them on the market.It’s human nature to be attracted to something that has been specifically asked to stay away from, which is bad.

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Posted on: Wednesday November 03, 2021, 10:59 PM IST

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