Terrifying moment Ukrainian doctor protects injured civilian as Russian rockets rain down


This is the moment a Ukrainian paramedic hero protects an injured civilian from a deadly Russian “double-tap” bombardment in Kharkiv.

Dramatic footage filmed by The Sun shows the brave rescuer using his body to protect the affected woman while others can be seen running for cover.


The paramedic can be seen protecting the injured woman from a rocket attackCredit: Jerome Starkey/The Sun
He used his own body to protect the woman who had been injured by shelling in Kharkiv


He used his own body to protect the woman who had been injured by shelling in KharkivCredit: Jerome Starkey/The Sun
He stayed with her as other paramedics and soldiers ran inside to take cover


He stayed with her as other paramedics and soldiers ran inside to take coverCredit: Jerome Starkey/The Sun

In the frontline city of Kharkiv, just 40 km from the Russian border, Putin’s troops launched a deadly lightning rocket attack, killing at least five people and injuring 13 others.

The ruthless second-strike tactic is designed to kill first responders who provide vital assistance.

Medics who rushed to the scene of an initial blast were forced to dive for cover as a second barrage of deadly Grad rockets crashed into the street around them.

The second salvo of rockets sent shock waves through the ground where medics were treating a man and a woman.

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Putin could order a strike against NATO in an attempt

The blast and terrifying sound of incoming rockets sent nearby troops and medical heroes rushing for cover.

The man was moaning in pain on the road, unable to move.

The Sun cowered behind a concrete flowerpot as a hero Ukrainian doctor protected the woman he was treating from secondary blasts of shrapnel.

At least eight more rockets pelted nearby buildings as the disinterested doctor shouted for people to run and take cover.

At least one of the rockets ripped through a nearby indoor market where fresh fruit and meat were on sale, setting the building on fire.

Bewildered merchants packed up their wares as smoke filled the cavernous hall and firefighters rushed to put out the blaze.

Fighting in Kharkiv continues, with Russian forces targeting civilians and residential buildings, with officials even claiming to have planted traps in washing machines and under dead bodies in a bid to kill more innocent people.

Yesterday, thick plumes of smoke billowed over the city following strikes in at least three areas, including the market, a government building and a residential area.

A missile launched by a warship killed at least one, injured 18 and blew out windows 800 meters away yesterday.

At least five people were killed by Russian shelling on Sunday, regional officials said.

The barrage slammed into apartment buildings and left streets littered with broken glass and other debris, including part of at least one rocket.

More than 300 people have died in the city since Putin unleashed his bloodbath on February 24.

The figure includes 100 dead soldiers and 192 civilians.

Another 964 civilians and 513 soldiers were injured, a senior health official said.


Russia stepped up its attacks with rocket and cruise missile strikes after Ukraine sank its Black Sea flagship – the 12,500 ton Moskva – in the worst naval loss since the end of the Second World War. World War.

The sinking of the Russian ship Moskva, with its entire crew of 510 sailors aboard, was the first time Russia had lost a flagship since its battleship Knyaz Suvorov was torpedoed by Japan during the 1905 war.

Russian state television presenter Vladimir Solovyov raged over the Navy’s failures.

Putin’s puppet, who has been sanctioned by the West for his ties to the Russian tyrant, said: “I am furious about what happened to the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet, Moskva.

“It was quite old and underwent repairs and yes there are vulnerabilities in this series of ships.

“I understand. But tell me this: how did you manage to lose him?

“Why the hell were you in that particular area of ​​the Black Sea at that time?”

His outburst was seen as a signal of Mad Vlad’s private anger.

Ukraine said the vessel was hit by a volley of Ukrainian Neptune missiles while 60 miles offshore.

Moscow said it sank in a storm after a fire in the ammunition bay.

Vice Admiral Igor Osipov, commander of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, has not been seen since the sinking amid claims he was detained.

Russia wreaked its bloody revenge by bombarding kyiv, Kharkiv and Lviv with cruise missiles on Saturday.

Ukraine has warned that Russia is building up forces for a feared second wave assault to capture the east of the country – after its troops were forced to retreat around kyiv in a botched phase offensive. a.

Officials in the eastern province of Donbass said at least two people died there yesterday from tanks, multiple rocket launchers and heavy artillery.

Britain’s defense intelligence has warned that “Russia’s operational focus has shifted to eastern Ukraine”.

He said Moscow was building up forces near Kharkiv and Severdonetsk further east.

But he warned: “Russia’s ultimate goal remains the same” – which is to bring the country under its sway.

Firefighters try to extinguish a fire in a residential building in Kharkiv


Firefighters try to extinguish a fire in a residential building in KharkivCredit: AFP
A building in Kharkiv was completely destroyed by Russian shelling


A building in Kharkiv was completely destroyed by Russian shellingCredit: EPA

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