The animals are happy with the ban on firecrackers


Forest fire risks also have their upsides

Fireworks prohibited – the purest off-season for animals

The same terror is repeated every year: firecrackers and rockets mean increased stress for noise-sensitive animals. This August 1 remains quiet in many places because fireworks are prohibited. A blessing, thinks Reinhold Jepf, animal rights activist from Thurgau.

Images of dryness and dryness are not only about Reinhold Jepf (82). He also has good grades. Due to the threat of forest fires, fireworks and firecrackers are prohibited in many Swiss municipalities in the canton of Thurgau. A godsend for his loved ones. “Animals that are particularly sensitive to noise, such as dogs or wild animals, suffer a lot from noise. They’re stressed, don’t know what’s going on and they find blatant threats,” says Thurgau Animal Welfare. “This year, they are at peace,” says the honorary president of the association.

“I very much welcome the ban on fireworks”

Animal lovers have repeatedly fought grassroots animal welfare initiatives in the past. However, they have yet to attempt a campaign to end the August 1 fireworks display. “I am a realist and also a democrat. A permanent firecracker ban will not be politically enforceable,” Thurgau said. This perhaps guarantees the increased risk of a ban on regular fireworks. “I would be very happy about that”, says Reinhold Jepf.

Don’t leave pets alone during fireworks

There are no explosions anywhere in Switzerland. This means high stress for wild animals. The noise scares them away. The birds lose their orientation in the fireworks and go blind. If you have pets, they shouldn’t be left alone during the fireworks, advises animal welfare organization PETA. Windows and shutters should be closed, soft lighting should be provided and soft music should be played. TV noise is also soothing, says PETA.


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