Ukraine buys Soviet shells and BM-21 GRAD rockets from the United States


WASHINGTON — Ukraine is ready to pay up to 165 million dollars to the US government for the purchase of various artillery cartridges and non-standard ammunition produced by the Soviet Union. The Defense and Security Cooperation Agency [DSCA] published a possible sale on its website and has already informed Congress.

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These are various non-standard ammunition cartridges for various Soviet / Russian systems that Ukraine is currently using in the war against Russia. These are: 152 mm cartridges for 2A36 Giatsint; 152 mm cartridges for D-20 guns; VOG-17 for AGS-17 automatic grenade launcher; 120 mm mortar shell [non-NATO]; 122 mm rounds for 2Sl Carnation; BM-21 CITY rockets; 300mm rounds/rockets for MLRS “Smerch;” VOG-25 grenades for GP-25 underbarrel grenade launcher; 82 mm mortar shell; 125mm HE ammo for T-72; 152mm cartridges for 2A65 Msta. The American proposal also includes the transport of ammunition.

Although Congress was informed of this possible sale, in this case its authorization was not required to complete the transaction. This is because Article 36 [b] of the Arms Export Control Act is in effect, which permits the immediate sale of arms and ammunition in the interest of United States national security.

The ammunition that Ukraine wants to buy from the US government is as it is armed in general in the structures of the Ukrainian army. This is important because it will not be necessary to train staff to work with them. DSCA claims that by acquiring these various non-standard ammunition cartridges, the Ukrainian Armed Forces will improve their combat capability and enable them to defend themselves against [and future] threats.

DSCA asserts that the sale of Ukraine will not adversely affect U.S. defense preparedness and supports U.S. foreign policy and national security objectives.

Learn more about the BM-21 GRAD rocket

122 mm multiple rocket launcher mounted on BM-21 GRAD truck made in the Soviet Union. This missile system is in service with 72 countries around the world, and former operators have been countries like Finland, Hungary, East Germany and the former Yugoslavia. The BM-21 GRAD has fought in all military conflicts and wars around the world from 1963 to the present day.

About 100,000 units were produced. The initial velocity of the rocket or better known as the muzzle velocity is 690 m/s [2,264 ft / s] [muzzle velocity is the speed of a projectile concerning the muzzle at the moment it leaves the end of a gun’s barrel]. A BM-21 GRAD system can launch two missiles in one second. The missile has a range of 0.5 to 45 km.

Ukraine buys various Soviet shells and BM-21 GRAD rockets from the United States
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A BM-21 GRAD rocket is 2.87 meters long. At the moment of the launch, the rocket begins to rotate, cutting into the take-off tube. There are fins at the base that support the course of the rocket. Depending on their type, the missile has a different charge: explosive, incendiary or chemical charge, or high explosive charge. A warhead weighs up to 20 kg.


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