What to Remember with Fireworks in the Valley on July 4


PHOENIX — Those who decide to celebrate July 4 with fireworks at home should know some rules to ensure they do so both legally and safely.

There are a few things to remember with home fireworks, including what type of fireworks are legal and when it’s permissible to use them.

Arizona State Law allows the use of fireworks for the general public from June 24 to July 6.

Those 16 or younger are not permitted to purchase fireworks in the state.

Consumer fireworks include ground spinning tops, sparkling wheel devices, cylindrical, square, conical, and California rocket-shaped fountains.

Other novelty fireworks – like sparklers, smoking devices, snakes, party poppers, and snappers – can be used at any time.

People are prohibited at all times from using devices that go through the air, such as flares, bottle rockets and aerials, as well as firecrackers.

Fines for using illegal fireworks vary by city, but most result in a $1,000 fine.

Public fireworks are only permitted on private property and may be prohibited during a level one or higher fire restriction if within one mile of the border of any municipal mountain reserve or county, desert park, regional park, designated conservation area, national forest or wilderness area.

People are informed wear eye protection when lighting a firework and keep a bucket of water nearby in case of fire.

Fireworks should also not be lit in the home, pointed at another person or handled by young children and only one device should be lit at a time.

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