Widder’s lament: firecrackers and fireworks


By Judi Curry

I am not a violent person. I don’t believe in firearms for non-military purposes, and even then I have some doubts.

I don’t like hunting innocent animals for fun; I don’t like people having guns in their homes, cars, tents, etc. I don’t fish anymore – which I used to do until I heard a lobster cry when I put it in boiling water.

I don’t like ice hockey because of the fights that go on; I just realized that I don’t like the Tour de France either because of the arguments that take place there. And I don’t like people who feel the need to argue with me and tell me my thinking is wrong. In fact, I like animals more than humans lately.

But… there is one thing I would like to do; as violent as possible. I’d love to line up those idiots standing or driving over Sunset Cliffs throwing loud, obnoxious, dangerous firecrackers – and please note – I said FIRE CRACKERS, not FIREWORKS! outdoors. They throw them at people; they throw them on dry brushwood; they throw them against the houses. They throw them everywhere without a single thought as to the horrible consequences that may occur.

Perhaps you have heard of an 11-year-old boy who died in Indiana after a fireworks-related incident. And when I was teaching, I had a 6th grader who blew three fingers off his right hand from fireworks. And what is a firecracker for? Hard to find anything positive.

But I’ll tell you what firecrackers do. They scare animals. They allow veterans – and others – to relieve terrible memories of their wartime and other incidents. And all for the purpose of creating a lot of noise caused by idiots.

And for those people who give me all kinds of suggestions to soothe my dog ​​during those early morning hours, THEY ARE NOT WORKING WITH HIM.

The Thunder Jacket was useless; I refuse to give him narcotics to appease him while some fucking idiot sets off an illegal firecracker. Putting on music, turning on the TV, offering him his favorite treat is useless. Fireworks that are set off legally bother him but don’t put him in a catatonic state. I don’t mind celebrating holidays. I object to Sea World causing such pollution every night, but it’s not a loud, loud crackle like firecrackers are.

On July 4, the firecrackers started at 6:30 p.m. Seven were shot down one after the other. It continued until 2:30 a.m. And what is this fool? He got into his car and drove down Sunset Cliffs throwing live firecrackers out the window as he drove. As crowded as the street was that night, luckily nothing bad happened except for my dog, my neighbor’s dog, his neighbor’s dog, etc. And people with PTSD have had no respite either.

If I could do one violent thing in my life, I’d line up all the firecrackers and put a living firecracker “where the sun don’t shine”. Only then will they realize the harm they are doing to the environment and the living beings around them. Am I pissed off? You bet I am. Watching my dog ​​shiver; breathing so hard I thought he might die; feeling her heart beating so fast I couldn’t count the beats; falling asleep only to be woken up by the loud noises over and over makes me want those firecracker asses to feel the pain other people are feeling.

Firecrackers are illegal. Los Angeles and Riverside County have fines for possession of fireworks AND firecrackers. The minimum fine for using fireworks AND firecrackers is $1,000! Minimum!

What does Ocean Beach/Pt. Loma do? Nothing. I was in Pacific Beach yesterday and saw police walking the streets. Talk to people. Give a ticket to someone who fired a firecracker. Looks like our neighborhood has been forgotten – again. I fear it will be a long, hot, noisy and dangerous summer.


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