Writer Sanyal raged with firecrackers at Katrina-Vicky’s wedding


Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif and actor Vicky Kaushal tied the knot last Thursday at a luxury hotel in Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan. The marriage of the two was attended by family and close friends. The whole hotel was illuminated with white lights and the old fort was illuminated with fireworks during the wedding. However, writer and economist Sanjeev Sanyal expressed his anger at the fireworks. He recently shared a piece of news on his Twitter account and called for a ban on such programs. You can see Sanyal wrote in his tweet, “If you have to do all of this, why go to a wildlife sanctuary? “

He further wrote: “Loud weddings in hotels near all wildlife reserves should be banned, leave the leopards alone. If you want to get married in pomp, then do it in Juhu. You should all know that the Katrina-Vicky’s wedding ceremony was a private ceremony and a large number of guards were deployed for the security of the wedding venue. The old fort where the two were married was transformed into a luxury hotel. After the wedding, Katrina and Vicky shared wedding photos on their social media platforms. ”

Sharing their photos, the two wrote, “We have love and gratitude for everything that has brought us to this moment. Together we have started this new journey and we want love and blessings from all of you. The two are currently arriving in Mumbai.

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